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I received a call coming from someone who was moving to another state that needed storage until he was able to get settled in to a new place.  It was a small town he was moving to.  I think he said there were only about 300,000 people there.  Not so little to some who live in towns that have a population of 300, but none the less, much smaller than the big city he was moving from. 

He called in on our Storage Concierge service that he found on line while searching for self storage.  I don't remember which state it was that I was searching for storage in, but I looked up everything we had, everyone we answered for and I couldn't find one self storage business in that particular state he wanted to give him a self storage quote. 

If even one storage property was listed on our Storage Concierge website for that state, they would have gained a new customer.  Call PhoneSmart and we can add your store to our Storage Concierge service, where you are sure to gain new customers.  And if you're missing calls, or using an answering service to represent your company, leave it to us and learn some sales techniques along the way.

Written by Robin Turner, Call Center Manger and customer service rep.

Thanks for reading our property management blog, a blog about the property management industry.

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Self storage is available at 20 Onion Blvd, Shrewsbury, PA 17361

Self Storage Owner -- Where Self Storage Owners meet Self Storage Customers

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Planning a move to Oakland, California? Visit our partners at the Oakland, California moving information center.

By Natalie Thomas, Blog Executive On 10/1/2007 8:26:46 AM
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Category: Quality Assurance Services

We had a new restaurant open up in town some months ago, buffet style.  Oh, how we like buffets, they are great.  If there is something that you put on your plate and you don't like it, you can always get something else without any hassle.  If you didn't get enough on your first plate, you can go back for seconds, thirds and fourths if you have that big of an appetite. 

When this restaurant opened, we tried it out.  If I were secret shopping this restaurant, they would have received some not so good comments.  When we walked in, it was pleasing to the eye.  It was set up nicely and had nice scenery.  The food was pretty decent too, not the best, but there were some great dishes out there. 

On a Mystery Shop Evaluation, they would have failed at the customer service portion of the evaluation.  My husband and I were quite shocked when we just finished our meal; the waitress came over and asked us if we were done, as if to say she had someone else who needed the table.  When we told her yes with hesitance because we had never had that happen before, she left and came back.  With check in hand she announced her question, which came across in statement form:  You pay now.  It would probably be a good idea for that company to seek a secret shopping business to help them with their customer service skills. Many different businesses use secret shopping like; movie theatres, retail services, wine storage and more.

Written by Robin Turner, Call Center Manager

Thanks for reading our secret shopping blog, a blog about the secret shopping and mystery shopping business.

Storage available at 200 King Rd, Westchester, PA 19380

Find your next car storage, boat storage or self storage at your StorageConcierge Your premier national and local self storage search engine and free quote provider.

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Self Storage Owner-- Where Self Storage Owners meet Self Storage Customers

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By Robin Turner, Call Center Manager On 10/1/2007 8:21:51 AM
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